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25 May

Develop Digital Marketing Skill – A boon during Crisis

Digital Marketng the Career Progress
Having to tackle a worldwide pandemic has probably not even been a remote consideration in developing your goals and ambitions. Regardless of how well you may be prepared for your career, having a possible halt or market slowdown is overwhelming for everyone.What does this mean for your digital marketing career during a pandemic? You can pounce on a chance to cross the gap and stake your claim in the industry.The scope...
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5 Mar

Why Digital Marketing after Graduation?

This is the digital era. Everyone belonging to different demographics is now a consistent user of the internet.When your audience or consumers are on the internet then where would you advertise or market your product or services? That’s where you will need to have digital marketing skills, it will not only polish you but also keep you in demand because the industry is looking for digital marketing...
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5 Mar

Fast Growing career for Millennial

There’s a lot of talk in the industry about ‘Marketing’. Whether it’s traditional or digital, however, Digital Marketing is high in demand. Being a part of the digital era makes it mandatory for one to understand the scope of digital marketing. The right and perfect group to get a job in Digital Marketing are the ‘Millennials’. The industry is getting younger, faster and more innovative every day and millennials are revolutionizing in every field. But the scope of digital marketing is...
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4 Mar

Everyone does Digital Marketing – But, are you a Specialist?

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative industries in the modern world. Modern day digital marketers are expected to be speedy and a vehicle to make your day to day marketing skills relevant in a changing market .You will need a way to close the skills gap for digital marketing. There are many verticals to digital marketing, one must have knowledge of all the...
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